Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here We Go!

Setting up this blog has taken me forever being the non-computer person that I am!  How ever long it took though, I was successful, which shows that perseverance pays off!

Success comes in many forms for me lately.  Starting a new education career (at least for the next few years), learning to successfully deal with the pain of fibromyalgia and choosing to not focus on being thin, but on being healthy each day.

Along with success in some areas, comes goals in those same areas; to be the kind of Peer Leader that people look forward to seeing and talking with, to make a conscious effort to not focus on the pain and be positive about what I am able to do, and finally to make a concerted effort to exercise and eat healthy.

With God's help, family and friend support I know that I will get there.  I know that the journey will be filled with new discoveries about myself and my abilities.  I will let God's light shine through me so that everyone who looks at me will see Him in all His glory!

Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend!

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  1. Love the start to your blog. Please feel free to use some ideas from my blog with yours. (www.creativecoconut08.blogspot.com)